Stop The Republican Lockdowns

Senate Bill 250 would put into law some of the most egregious and irresponsible lockdown orders issued by Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Under SB250, "emergency" health orders (for an "emergency" that began over a year ago) would require all restaurants, event venues, churches, and schools to be restricted or closed based solely upon the test positivity rate for the Covid 19 -- regardless of how many people are actually ill. The bill would allow for closures across the entire state, regardless of the test positivity rates in any given county, even though those figures are tracked and available.

This grossly irresponsible legislation already passed the Senate with unanimous Republican support -- and Democrats reportedly voted no because the lockdown orders weren't radical enough! The bill is being fast-tracked. Members of the House need to hear from us right now. Sign the petition below to tell your lawmakers to vote NO on Senate Bill 250.

WHEREAS, the Covid 19 has been the pretext for the most radical deprivation of constitutional rights upon the entire American population in our nation's history; and

WHEREAS, the right to assemble, to worship, to engage in commerce, and to gather over a table is a God-given, natural, and inalienable right; and

WHEREAS, the unconstitutional lockdown orders issued by Gretchen Whitmer's administration are inflicting ongoing agony upon the people of Michigan each and every day they are allowed to continue; and

WHEREAS, the current law upon which the governor has relied to torment the people of Michigan was written in a time when legislators could not imagine it being abused in the way that it is today; and

WHEREAS, Senate Bill 250 would give the governor's unconstitutional and grossly immoral lockdown orders the endorsement of the Michigan Legislature;

THEREFORE, we call upon our state lawmakers to vote NO on Senate Bill 250 and oppose its passage at every step

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