End Endless Lockdowns

A petition to limit the duration of emergency orders, by the governor or any administrative department of Michigan, to a maximum of 14 days unless approved by the legislature.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the Michigan Department of Heath and Human Services have botched the response to Covid-19 by issuing subjective, ambiguous, confusing, and often conflicting edicts.

These edicts are not supported by science, and they refuse to produce the science when asked. Instead they move the goalposts by changing the targets that Michiganders believe they need to reach in-order to restore their livelihoods and civil liberties.

A long-term response to any emergency must include input from the legislative branch as quickly as possible to ensure the civil liberties of the people are not encroached.

We call on our legislators to pass a bill that limits the duration of any emergency order, whether issued by the governors’ office or any of its departments, to 14 days.

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