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Detroit Free Press Article From 2018 Exposed Major Concerns with Ballot Processing Computers

Nowadays, fake news outlets like the Detroit Free Press deny any possibility of election fraud. The “experts” have investigated themselves and found they have done nothing wrong, the fake news routinely claims. Few have been defamed more than former state… Continue Reading →

Fixing Broken Elections Part 2: Poll Challengers

In October of 2020, an election inspector audio-recorded training sessions in which Detroit election officials encouraged them to use “social distancing” requirements to impede poll challengers. This was traced to a Secretary of State policy to allow this, in violation… Continue Reading →

Fixing Broken Elections Part 1: Poll Workers

This is the first of a series of posts about legislative remedies to resolve the problems Michigan experienced in the November 2020 election. There are many issues to address, and it would be a very long column to go through… Continue Reading →

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