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Reckless Defense Spending Makes ‘Defend the Guard’ a Major Priority

Right now, “Defend the Guard” (HB4058) is in the House Committee On Military, Veterans and Homeland Security.

Gretchen Whitmer’s ‘Vaccine Benchmarks’ are an Ultimatum Michigan Residents Must Reject

Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s MI Vacc to Normal plan is her latest scheme to continue the lockdown regime that has done little if anything to protect COVID-19 patients and keep the vulnerable safe. Even while she keeps Michigan under severe restrictions,… Continue Reading →

Michigan COVID-19 Cases Drop Precipitously…Weeks After CDC Director’s Call for Total Lockdown was Ignored!

The federal health “experts” once again have egg on their faces after the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s latest recommendation for a total shutdown of Michigan. As cases were spiking in Michigan despite Governor Gretchen Whitmer… Continue Reading →

The Impeachment’s Hidden Agenda Succeeded

The right-wing media is taking victory laps for Donald Trump becoming the most acquitted President in American history. It certainly was a triumph for President Trump. His legal team, led by Michael van der Veen, methodically destroyed the meritless case… Continue Reading →

In One Fell Swoop, Mike Lee Exposed Trump’s Trial As A Total Fraud

It’s tempting to think that anyone familiar with the Constitution and rules of legal procedure would consider the second impeachment of Donald Trump as a national disgrace. The Democrats’ arguments were buffoonish and barbaric. The entirety of “evidence” presented by… Continue Reading →

Our Very Own Circular Firing Squad

Supporters of liberty are fighting on two fronts: One one, against the radical left, the sworn enemies of liberty; on the other, the political establishment within the right, which has always been a consistent ally of globalism, central banks, the… Continue Reading →

Trump’s Trial Strategy

It was reported last night that five of Donald Trump’s lawyers for his upcoming impeachment trial had left his legal team, including two “lead” lawyers, reportedly over a disagreement on legal strategy. These included Butch Bowers and Deborah Barbier, both… Continue Reading →

Don’t Bother With “Alternative” Social Networks

Parler was the rising alternative to Twitter following Twitter’s recent purge of President Trump and thousands of conservative users. That was until January, 10, when it was nuked from orbit by its web host, Amazon. Hours before Parler was taken… Continue Reading →

Your Surrender Is Not An Option

Joe Biden is President. After the debacle of January 6, Donald Trump left office humiliated. Social media censorship is ramping up rapidly, and the Washington establishment is already calling for a new “domestic War on Terror” against Trump supporters and… Continue Reading →

Democrats Will Not Spare Republican Appeasers

When social media deplatformed Alex Jones in 2018, mainstream conservative media pooh-poohed the incident as a mess of Jones’ own making. Instead of pointing out that Jones was the canary in the coal mine and defending his free speech rights,… Continue Reading →

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