News coming out of Washington D.C. is scarier than ever, particularly on the foreign policy front, where our federal lawmakers have not learned the lessons of Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq or any of the other failed military adventures of recent years.

Congress recently approved a massive $40 billion dollar appropriation to back Ukraine as they engage in a regional conflict with Russia with no national security implications for American citizens. Make no mistake about it: The U.S. is now fully engaged in a proxy war with Russia, a nuclear power, that could conceivably lead to World War 3. The Empire has gone mad.

Unfortunately, the proposed $40 billion in welfare for Ukraine was approved overwhelmingly in bipartisan fashion and then signed into law by “President” Biden. There were a handful of courageous lawmakers, like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Sen. Rand Paul, who spoke out against the insanity, but they were far outnumbered by members of the War Party. The taxpayer money is going out the door to Ukraine, and many of these maniacs in Congress would gleefully send U.S. troops to spill their blood overseas as well.

What can we do to stop this from happening?

There is one piece of legislation that is currently active in Lansing that would make it far more difficult for our state’s national guardsmen to be sent overseas to fight and die to enrich defense contractors and the military-industrial complex.

The Defend the Guard legislation, introduced by State Rep. Steve Johnson of Wayland, would deny the federal government the deployment of state national guard troops in foreign wars unless those wars are explicitly approved by Congress.

The legislation (House Bill 4058) states “the Michigan National Guard and any member of the Michigan National Guard must not be released from this state into active duty combat unless the United States Congress has passed an official declaration of war or has taken an official action under clause 15 of section 8 of article I of the Constitution of the United States to explicitly call forth the state militia to execute the laws of the union, repel an invasion, or suppress an insurrection. The governor shall take all actions necessary to comply with the requirements of this section.”

The “Defend the Guard” bill is important because Congress often likes to send troops overseas without explicitly declaring war, ignoring key provisions of the Constitution. If federal lawmakers had to explicitly declare war on Russia in order to send troops to fight over there, it would be much more difficult to sell that to the public than the lies they are currently peddling.

“This is not an anti-war or pro-war bill but rather a simple requirement for Congress to do their job for once,” said Johnson, who has introduced the legislation in multiple legislative sessions. “It is important that we have a declaration of war with a clear mission in place before sending our troops into harm’s way.”

Analysts at the Tenth Amendment Center have expounded on the impact that the “Defend the Guard” legislation can have on preventing military expansion and stopping additional endless wars.

“National Guard troops have played significant roles in all modern overseas conflicts, with over 650,000 deployed since 2001. reports that ‘Guard and Reserve units made up about 45 percent of the total force sent to Iraq and Afghanistan, and received about 18.4 percent of the casualties.’ More specifically, Michigan National Guard troops have participated in missions in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere,” nullification expert Mike Maharrey of the Tenth Amendment Center wrote.

“Since none of these missions fall under the three criteria constitutionally necessary to call up the militia, the Michigan Defend the Guard Act would have prohibited those deployments,” he added.

How do we support “Defend the Guard” in Michigan?

Right now, “Defend the Guard” (HB4058) is in the House Committee On Military, Veterans and Homeland Security where it needs to be approved before the legislation can be considered for a full vote in the House.

Please call and email every member of this committee. And urge others to do so. Let them know that they must uphold their constitutional duty to prevent Michigan’s heroes from being exploited and sent to die in another military intervention. Tell them that they must support HB4058 in order to keep our troops out of harm’s way.

Their information can be accessed below:


Rep. Beau LaFave (Republican) District-108 – (517) 373-0156


Rep. Andrew Beeler (Republican) District-83 – (517) 373-0835


Rep. Julie Rogers (Democrat) District-60 – (517) 373-1785


Rep. Gary Eisen (Republican) District-81 – (517) 373-1790

Rep. Robert Bezotte (Republican) District-47 – (517) 373-8835

Rep. David Martin (Republican) District-48 – (517) 373-7557

Rep. Sarah Anthony (Democrat) District-68 – (517) 373-0826

Rep. Kevin Coleman (Democrat) District-16 – (517) 373 -2576

Rep. Richard Steenland (Democrat) District-22 – 517-373-0854