Nowadays, fake news outlets like the Detroit Free Press deny any possibility of election fraud. The “experts” have investigated themselves and found they have done nothing wrong, the fake news routinely claims.

Few have been defamed more than former state senator Patrick Colbeck, who has been dragged through the mud for talking about fraud he witnessed first hand on election night.

Chief among Colbeck’s claims were that ballot tabulation machines were connected to the internet on election night, opening the door for vote data to be manipulated by malign interests. These claims were laughed off by experts in the aftermath of last November’s heist, even after dozens of whistleblowers issued sworn affidavits attesting to heinous actions they witnessed at the TCF Center in Detroit and other ballot processing facilities.

Before the 2020 presidential election, however, fake news outlets were willing to entertain the notion that vote-processing computers had major vulnerabilities. The Detroit Free Press even published an article featuring the concerns of experts who sent a letter to the federal government urging for vulnerabilities to be sewn up before the 2018 election. Of course, they were not.

Thirty different election security experts, academics, and watchdogs issued a letter to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, imploring them that computerized modems hooked to ballot tabulating computers constituted a major election security concern.

“In short, they can wreak havoc on an election,” the letter said.

Fred Woodhams of the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office defended the status quo that ultimately ended up enabling the third-world style rigging operation that occurred in Detroit on election night in 2020. It is worth noting that Woodhams served under the Republican regime of Rick “One Tough Nerd” Snyder. Snyder endorsed Biden for president against Trump last year and resided over bringing Dominion Voting Machines into the state in 2017.

Woodhams said that “the systems are tested at the federal level to ensure they are secure,” implying that his office never even bothered to test the systems for quality control standards. He added that the modems connected to the ballot-processing computers were “part of the reason why Oakland County, for example, has been able to report results more quickly than its neighbors in past cycles, and why reporters were pleasantly surprised when Detroit and Wayne County were able to report in after the 2017 local elections.”

Yet again, the so-called “conspiracy theorists” have been proven to be correct while the political hacks, media propagandists, deep state schemers, and other complicit interests have egg on their face. Colbeck, who is facing legal threats and other personal attacks daily for telling the truth, remains defiant and continues to take the fight to the enemies of electoral integrity and vote fraud reform.

“Lack of media interest regarding the [2020 presidential election] is suspect to say the least. Were their concerns addressed prior to 2020? If so, how?” Colbeck asked in a Facebook post.

Expect the attacks to only become more extreme and deranged as the Michigan Republican Party prepares a ballot initiative to address election fraud concerns. The Democrats, and certain Republican fraud enablers, will stop at nothing to legitimize the intolerable acts that occurred during last year’s vote.