Right now, the state government is beginning to cede the core freedoms back to the people that they never had the right to take away in the first place.

Perhaps fearing political consequences, Democrat crooks are pulling back on certain lockdown restrictions. They are now relaxing the infamous mask mandate in Michigan, and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is hoping Michigan residents kiss her rings and go back to sleep.

“Throughout this entire pandemic, our north star has been data and science from the CDC and our public health professionals. And we are going to continue to listen and trust the experts,” Whitmer said in a video posted to Twitter

“After months of getting out the damn vaccine, the data is clear: The COVID-19 vaccines are a miracle of modern science and they work to keep people safe from this deadly virus,” she added.

The last thing that patriotic Michiganders should do is take their eyes off the ball and allow their rage to quell. This is not over; furthermore, it CANNOT be over.

What Whitmer did was devastate our civil society. She forced thousands of businesses to shutter, restricted the civil liberties of millions, made countless elderly patients die suffering alone while enduring shocking indignities, and demanded to be worshipped while inflicting this pain often times deliberately on Michigan residents.

(And the Michigan Republicans who sat on their hands and did virtually nothing while Whitmer made a mockery of the Bill of Rights and Constitution are not much better, either.)

This cannot end without serious independent investigations, new laws that make sure nothing like this can ever happen again, and eventually, indictments, trials and significant jail sentences for the bureaucrats responsible for these intolerable acts.

Keep in mind that if we take our eyes off the ball, Whitmer and her cronies will have normalized this insanity. It will only be a matter of time before the next lockdown is instituted. Perhaps it will occur right before next year’s election as an excuse for riggers to flood mail-in ballots during another midnight hour heist.

Liberals are already boasting about how they are using COVID-19 to permanently transform society. What is to come in the future? Vaccine passports, of course. Mandatory tethering to enforce quarantines as well. You can’t forget climate lockdowns to atone for our sins of capitalism against Mother Earth. Whatever we let them get away with, they will do. They have proven that time and again.

So, we must take this momentary respite in our ongoing tyranny and immediately become more involved. Hit doors when people are more likely to answer the door and be more engaged. Form a local group, or join a local group, and join in-person meetings to build comradery and foster community. We at Campaign for Liberty are here to help you with the tools you need to have success right now. 

The reason why the political situation has worsened to dire straits is because too many Americans have grown complacent. We cannot repeat the mistakes of the past if we want to improve the current situation. The time is now to organize and make it so Whitmer or any other government official can never put us through the indignities we tolerated throughout 2020. Never Again must be our rallying cry!