Back in 2008, I was heavily involved in the Ron Paul Revolution.

In the days leading up to the Rally for the Republic at the Target Center in Minneapolis MN in 2008, I was fortunate enough to attend a Leadership Summit where Campaign For Liberty started rolling out it’s vision for grassroots activism.

This is where I first listened to Mike Rothfeld give his Real Nature of Politics lecture. I was blown away. I wanted to fight (politically speaking) and this sounded like fighting to me.

Since then, I’ve not only attended many leadership schools taught by the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership, I’ve also been an instructor for the organization.

By employing the tactics and strategies learned in this school, I’ve been able to fight against some of the worst pieces of legislation (think Convention of States and Obamacare) and for some of better ideas (think Right to Work).

The number one thing I learned was this:

Unless you are politically feared, you will not be politically respected.

Do you want to be politically respected? When you and your group are advocating on an issue, do you want the politicians to fear voting against you?

If so, you won’t want to miss this school.

There are two schools coming to Michigan. Click the links below to register for the one closest to you.

May 22nd in Muskegon MI (early bird registration is already over)

June 5th in Gaylord MI (early bird registration ends May 22nd)