It’s tempting to think that anyone familiar with the Constitution and rules of legal procedure would consider the second impeachment of Donald Trump as a national disgrace. The Democrats’ arguments were buffoonish and barbaric.

The entirety of “evidence” presented by Democrats on the second day of the impeachment trial consisted of ascribing to Donald Trump the words spoken, and actions taken, by those who were not Donald Trump.

As the brilliant attorney Harmeet Dhillon succinctly put it: “In a real trial with a real judge and a real jury of disinterested, non-witness jurors, almost none of the evidence and none of the false, bombastic, weepy, and demagogical ‘legal arguments’ we’ve seen in this impeachment trial would have been allowed.”

But no. Many people of sound mind are lapping up this garbage.

Days earlier, no less than 144 prominent lawyers signed a letter arguing that President Trump’s lawyers should be disbarred if they dare make the argument that the President’s statements—which included no incitement to violence or any illegal activity whatsoever—were protected by the First Amendment, and therefore could not possibly be considered unlawful speech.

This came just days after the governor, attorney general, and secretary of state of Michigan—Gretchen Whitmer, Dana Nessel, and Jocelyn Benson—filed a formal complaint with the Attorney Grievance Commission of Michigan seeking the disbarment of attorneys that represented Donald Trump.

These are serious attacks, not just on Donald Trump, but on the legal profession itself.

What is the goal of this impeachment? Obviously it cannot possibly drive Trump out of office, because he is already out of office.

If the intention is to prevent Trump from running for President in 2024, it is a hopeless endeavor. Democrats will not get two thirds of the Senate to vote to convict Donald Trump. If they attempt to pass some rule to allow for a simple majority to bar him from office, Trump will sue, and put the impeachment itself on trial before a court. Chief Justice John Roberts’ refusal to preside over this sham trial is a strong indication on the outcome.

The real intention of this proceeding is only to trash Donald Trump.

In doing so, however, Democrats are escalating very serious attacks on the pillars of our legal system. They are presenting to the American people a barbaric contortion of the legal process, while behind the scene they are legitimizing the dangerous practice of attacking the right and duty of attorneys to zealously represent their clients.

The entire impeachment trial is a sham, and a dangerous assault on our legal system. It is an attack on the civil rights of all citizens to be represented by counsel and for their counsel to offer every possible argument in their defense.

But at the very end of the day on Wednesday, February 10, Senator Mike Lee exposed the sham for what it is.

Here’s what happened:

David Cicilline, a House Representative from Rhode Island, Impeachment Manager, and complete moron made a false claim that on January 6, President Trump inadvertently called Senator Mike Lee when he intended to call Senator Tommy Tuberville, to ask Senator Tuberville continue objecting to the election results and in doing so “buy time” for more objections.

Senator Mike Lee demanded that these false statements be stricken from the record, and all hell broke loose.

The senile presiding judge and juror, Patrick Leahy, had no idea what to do.

In a knee-jerk reaction to the motion of Republican Senator Lee, Democrats scrambled so swiftly that Patrick Leahy never actually ruled on Senator Lee’s motion.

Leahy goes on to confirm with Lee that a roll call vote is demanded.

Senator Roger Wicker asks: “What is the question? Is it, ‘Shall the ruling of the chair be sustained?'”

Nobody knew what was going on.

Senator Mike Lee called him out: “What, may I ask, is the ruling of the chair?!” Leahy never said. “My point was not about whether it’s appropriate for them to make characterizations. My point was to strike them, because they are false.”

Leahy went on to rule against Lee, claiming that the Senate rules allowed the statement.

Lee would have none of it. “Mister President, that is not my motion! You’ve ruled on a motion that was not what I moved. What I asked was, statements were attributed to me repeatedly. As to which I have personal knowledge, because I am the source. They are not true. I never made those statements. I asked that they be stricken. This has nothing to do with whether or not they are based on evidence, which they are not. It’s simply based on the fact that I am the witness. I am the only witness. These statements are not true and I ask that you strike them.”

Chaos erupted. Democrats had been lying all day long, but they overplayed their hand by lying about a sitting senator.

Mike Lee demanded a roll call vote, and the clerk began calling the roll. “Miss Baldwin… Mister Barasso…”

Majority Leader Chuck Schumer stopped the vote. “Point of clarification, what is the question?”

The proceeding ground to a halt.

In a normal criminal trial, the prosecutor lying about facts, as David Cicilline did, would be grounds for a mistrial.

Democrats had no idea what to do. Mike Lee called them out on a bald-faced lie, and demanded a roll call vote to have the lie stricken from the record.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was quick-witted enough to put a stop to the roll call vote, and said “I suggest the absence of a quorum while we work this out.” Another bald-faced lie, because every senator was in the room.

After a huddle, Democrats moved to render Lee’s objection moot by volunteering to strike their own lies from the record.

But the damage was done.

In one move, Lee exposed that the Democrats used false evidence. He was only able to do so because in that instance, he was the witness to the allegation. Lee exposed that Patrick Leahy, the Trump-hating biased juror and judge presiding over the show trial, was so incompetent that he couldn’t understand the motion in front of him.

In one move, Senator Mike Lee proved the entire trial of the former President was a total sham.

It won’t stop the Democrats from pressing forward on impeachment.

Be thankful: They are digging their own graves.