Month February 2021

Fixing Broken Elections Part 2: Poll Challengers

In October of 2020, an election inspector audio-recorded training sessions in which Detroit election officials encouraged them to use “social distancing” requirements to impede poll challengers. This was traced to a Secretary of State policy to allow this, in violation… Continue Reading →

Fixing Broken Elections Part 1: Poll Workers

This is the first of a series of posts about legislative remedies to resolve the problems Michigan experienced in the November 2020 election. There are many issues to address, and it would be a very long column to go through… Continue Reading →

The Impeachment’s Hidden Agenda Succeeded

The right-wing media is taking victory laps for Donald Trump becoming the most acquitted President in American history. It certainly was a triumph for President Trump. His legal team, led by Michael van der Veen, methodically destroyed the meritless case… Continue Reading →

In One Fell Swoop, Mike Lee Exposed Trump’s Trial As A Total Fraud

It’s tempting to think that anyone familiar with the Constitution and rules of legal procedure would consider the second impeachment of Donald Trump as a national disgrace. The Democrats’ arguments were buffoonish and barbaric. The entirety of “evidence” presented by… Continue Reading →

Our Very Own Circular Firing Squad

Supporters of liberty are fighting on two fronts: One one, against the radical left, the sworn enemies of liberty; on the other, the political establishment within the right, which has always been a consistent ally of globalism, central banks, the… Continue Reading →

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