Joe Biden is President.

After the debacle of January 6, Donald Trump left office humiliated.

Social media censorship is ramping up rapidly, and the Washington establishment is already calling for a new “domestic War on Terror” against Trump supporters and the entire political right.

Say what you will about how unfair everything is.

Such is life.

The question is: What are you going to do about it?

I’ve heard from people in the grip of despair, saying they are going to give up on politics altogether.

This is exactly what the left is hoping you do. The enemies of liberty want you to despair. They want you to feel hopeless.

Their goal is to break you.

If they succeed, forget about the real world ever returning to normal. Forget about ever taking a date to a movie, having a party with friends, or taking your family to the amusement park.

If you surrender, who do you think will save our country?

“But,” you say, “there’s a lot we can do besides politics. I can get involved in education, my church, my community…”

No. These are all good things to do. But they are not a substitute for political activity.

Only political activism will recruit quality candidates. Only political activism will collect the necessary signatures to end the lockdown by citizen-initiated legislation. Only precinct leadership will turn out the votes to end the Democrat monopoly on federal power in 2022.

And if you really look at the political landscape, despite the best efforts of the deep state to make it look otherwise, things aren’t as bad as they seem.

The current circumstances are hardly the first time things have looked bad for the movement for liberty in America. Every election creates people convinced that our country is collapsing.

Your political participation is needed, and not just for one candidate, one issue, one election, but to become a leader for the long haul.

Time and again, people have looked for some easy way out–for some single, simple thing we could do to make everything right.

For years, it was talk of an “Article V” constitutional convention.

More recently, it was Donald Trump himself. He was supposed to be the hero that would “drain the swamp.”

The fact is, our political system was designed to be a very slow and difficult process. Most of the time, that works to our benefit.

If it wasn’t this way, we would have lost our gun rights every time their was an incident that allowed the mass media to whip the public into anti-gun hysteria.

Many people are now saying the situation is hopeless because Democrats steal elections.

Well, sorry to be the bearer of good news, but vote fraud isn’t as bad as Donald Trump would have us believe.

Certainly, vote fraud occurs, and it certainly occurred in November 2020. But it can only go so far. You will realize this if you stay involved in politics long enough to understand the mechanics of an election. There are simply too many people, too many personnel, too many precincts, too many paper trails for elections to be stolen by computer wizardry.

Ballot-stuffing does occur and absentee ballot fraud is the worst source of election corruption. But there’s only so far that can go without being busted.

Vote fraud is a hurdle. Life isn’t fair. Vote fraud is not an excuse to give up and allow our remaining liberty to be crushed.

Are you going to wallow in self-pity and do nothing to take back our country, or can you accept the loss, learn from the experience, and vow to work harder than ever to take back our country?

We need to hold Republicans accountable for their fecklessness. We need to recruit a new generation of candidates to take back the party from the RINOs that got us to where we are.

It will take a great movement of patriots, and we need every man and woman that still loves this great country to answer the call.

I hope to see you all in the fight.