When social media deplatformed Alex Jones in 2018, mainstream conservative media pooh-poohed the incident as a mess of Jones’ own making.

Instead of pointing out that Jones was the canary in the coal mine and defending his free speech rights, Republicans defended Big Tech.

Now these same personalities find Big Tech deplatforming them for their own constitutionally-protected speech.

At the same time, the Republican Party establishment is in a mad rush to throw President Trump under the bus.

In a vicious slap to Trump’s 75 million Republican voters and the Constitution of the United States, ten House Republicans, including Reps. Peter Meijer and Fred Upton of Michigan, voted to impeach the President in his last week in office, under the totally unconstitutional pretext that the President’s speech, which contained no words of incitement whatsoever, was itself a criminal act.

What do these fools hope to achieve? Bipartisanship?

Yesterday, former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder was charged by Attorney General Dana Nessel with two counts of willful neglect of duty for his alleged negligence in the Flint water crisis. These are criminal misdemeanors.

Rick Snyder was a centrist, business-oriented governor who had nothing but contempt for the ideological right. He threatened to veto even the most modest income tax cut proposed in 2019, called for more immigration as a solution for Detroit, and vetoed a bill to extend an existing law that banned providing abortion-inducing drug prescriptions over the phone.

He was a raving never-Trumper. He refused to endorse Bill Schuette for governor after Schuette handily defeated his own lieutenant, Brian Calley, in the Republican primary.

Democrats labeled him a right-winger for signing Right to Work into law in Michigan, but Snyder had always opposed Right to Work — until organized labor tried a ballot initiative to kill his baby, the emergency manager law. One week after the vote on the ballot initiative, Snyder reversed his position and called upon the legislature to bring Right to Work to his desk.

At the end of his term, knowing that Democrats would be taking the governor’s mansion and offices of attorney general and secretary of state in weeks, Snyder vetoed lame-duck legislation to guarantee the legislature standing in cases brought against the state over the laws they passed, knowing that Dana Nessel would not mount a good-faith defense of any law she didn’t like.

In his last days, he even vetoed legislation to expand access to child foster care. The bill sponsor had voted against his pork-laden budget supplemental.

Snyder was a typical RINO (Republican In Name Only), contemptuous of conservative principles and always too eager to find common ground with liberals.

But the charges brought against him yesterday are probably as meritless as those made against President Trump.

Democrats are systematically destroying what remains of the rule of law in America.

If RINOs like Peter Meijer, Fred Upton, and Mitch McConnell believe that joining with the Democrats to destroy the Constitution will be politically expedient for them, they have a rude awakening coming.