Back on March 16th much of America was finally exposed to what government overreach and abuse of power can look like.

We were told to hunker down for just 15 days in order to “flatten the curve.”  But now, over 300 days later and enduring some of the most egregious examples of government overreach and abuse of power, what will normal look like if we ever get there?

300 days ago, who could have imagined governors unilaterally locking down commerce, demanding people stay indoors or face fines, or being told that you are not essential.

To be fair, no one alive today has every lived through a pandemic, but many people have lived through epidemics and at no time did government behave the way it has over this Chinese Coronavirus.  Many Americans were willing to trust what they were being told. Perhaps that was our first mistake.

Over the years we have all learned that once government takes away your freedom, it’s never returned.

Rather than unifying and rallying Americans, we were just inundated with the same partisanship bickering and blaming as we have come to expect over every issues. When public servants are driven by self-advancement and notoriety, politics will always cloud their ability to serve the public honestly.

Rather than working together to put forward the best ideas, no matter where they came from, we were forced into one approach. All other viewpoints were met with ridicule and censorship—it’s easy to see when the breakdown in public trust began.

In response government did what it does best. Both sides came together to run up more debt.  In fact, by April the federal government ran up over 6 trillion in new debt.  To put that in perspective, it took the federal government until 1980 to run up 1 trillion in debt, over 6 trillion was achieved through 3 bill packages in just about 3 months!

“The cure cannot be worse than the disease”, no truer words have been uttered during these 300+ days.

As a result of questionable science and data we’ve seen a deeply flawed approach of lockdowns, mandates, and the resulting paranoia our elected public servants have created.

Hospitals and their professionally trained staff were dictated to by politicians ignorant to the workings of the profession.  Hospitals were told who to take in, and who to send home. Nursing homes, caregivers for our most vulnerable, were forced to take in Covid positive patients (Executive Order 2020-50) resulting in needless suffering and death.

Additionally, it is estimated that increases in domestic violence, substance abuse, suicides, and other breakdowns in society have been the results of these overreaching policies.

It is estimated that approximately 30% of businesses that were forced to shut down will never reopen. This not only effects the owners, many of whom sacrificed for years to build their business, but the workers and their families are hit hard as well.

As if all of this was not bad enough, frightened Americans are now encouraged to call and turn-in their neighbors. Children are asked to snitch on their families for non-compliance to the dictates of government.  Law enforcement are told to do the impossible by policing Americans for congregating or not wearing a mask.

The mask itself has, to many, become a symbol of submission to skewed science and flawed data.

Perhaps the worst is yet to come. The rushed push for mandated vaccinations brings into question practical and philosophical arguments such as safety and the basic individual right to choose what we will or won’t put into our own bodies.  Will government force Americans to take a vaccine, untested over time, or will it pit businesses against people to compel vaccinations as a condition to conduct commerce. More importantly, will Americans put up with this abuse.

Americans have endured 300+ days of psychological abuse by some of most hypocritical politicians who have been caught doing the opposite of what they demand of their constituents.   And of course, the daily mental and emotional abuse emanating from irresponsible partisan media outlets has only added to the anger and hysteria.

During this past year social unrest resulted in protests, riots, tearing down social norms ranging from law enforcement, to erasing our nation’s history—we were even divided about which protests were acceptable during this virus, and which were dangerous. 

Perhaps mass demonstrations from every American should be aimed directly where it belongs, at our lawmakers who grant themselves this much power. Perhaps even some of the outrage should be directed at the person we see in the mirror. Far too many Americans tolerated or simply did not notice the incremental loss of their civil liberties and personal freedoms.

Well-funded groups spent this year misleading justifiably angry Americans and making some of the most illogical, and ridiculous demands on the rest of us. Will the silent majority demonstrate a similar willingness to step out of their comfort zones or will they bow to the tyranny of others?

In 2020, millions of Americans have been put through a mental and emotional meat grinder. The question, after this level of anger, mistrust of government, mistrust of media, and the lack of civility towards one another, is what will a return to normal look like. Will normal include “proof of vaccination” ID cards, permanent “contact tracing”, a devalued dollar, or should we even want to return to “normal”.