Defend the Guard

The Defend the Guard Act will require Congress to declare war, as required by the U.S. Constitution, before Michigan National Guard troops could be deployed to a warzone. This bill is a simple requirement that Congress does its job before sending our Mothers, Fathers, Sons, and Daughters into harm's way.

The coward will blame Congress when Michigan Guardsmen come back from ill-conceived foreign entanglements in flag draped coffins, but the truth is, those that refuse to demand Congress does its job are equally to blame.

The U.S. Congress attempts to deceive the American public by passing an AUMF (Authorization for Use of Military Force) which is an unconstitutional deferral of power from the legislative branch to the executive branch. The peoples representatives (legislative branch) cannot vote away their decision-making power to the executive branch (President).

As a result of these undeclared wars, we are left with little more than fatherless children, grieving parents, and wasted lives.

A vote against the Defend the Guard Act is a vote against Michigan's Guardsmen.

Whereas, Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution of the United States vests in the United States Congress the exclusive power to declare war; and

Whereas, the United States Executive Branch has unconstitutionally assumed the power to declare war while the United States Congress has abdicated its constitutional duty; and

Whereas, the United States Congress has not declared war in over 80 years, the nation has since waged war repeatedly at the whim of the executive branch; and

Whereas, when such unconstitutional actions are taken by the federal government, it is the proper role of the states themselves to take action to remedy such situations; and

Whereas, over 45% of the soldiers deployed in the Global War on Terror have been National Guardsmen; and

Whereas, The enactment of an AUMF (Authorized Use of Military Force) is a shameful political dodge that defers ultimate decision-making to the Executive branch. By abdicating their responsibility, Congress is refusing to exercise its duty under the U.S. Constitution; and

Whereas, AUMF's are deceptive illegal acts which give the President the discretion to make war at any time, with any country, with any group or person, for any length of time, and for any cost; and

Whereas, AUMF's are the foundation of forever war.

Therefore, I demand that my state Representative and Senator do the following:

• Publicly support Michigan's Defend The Guard Act.

• Demand and work towards a roll call vote on Michigan's Defend The Guard Act.

• Vote yes on Michigan's Defend The Guard Act.

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