Tell Your Representative: Support Freedom, Support HB 6134

Gretchen Whitmer's order that people wear masks may soon be struck down – through a citizen-initiated repeal of the Emergency Powers of Governor Act, or a court finding it unconstitutional.

But in states without a mask order from the governor, we're seeing local governments attempting to order citizens wear masks.

In the most egregious and insane case, Broward County Florida has ordered citizens to wear masks inside their own homes.

On top of all the problems with mask orders in general, local mask orders add the problem that no citizen is going to be able to know every municipality's inconsistent requirements.

Local governments have no business imposing these types of rules. It's a totally inappropriate role of local government, but politicians always want more power for themselves.

Contact your lawmakers and tell them to pass HB 6134, legislation to prohibit our cities, counties, and townships from passing any local mask ordinance or order.

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Tell Your Representative: Support Freedom, Support HB 6134

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